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About Child Custody Coach®


Child Custody Coach® website provides self-help parenting, divorce and child custody information and resources to parents going through divorce. The mission of Child Custody Coach® is to help and encourage divorcing parents to become the best parents possible while always keeping focus on what is in the overall best interest of their child. Emotions often get the best of a parent going through a divorce which can at times cloud their judgment -- So it is important that a parent going through divorce find the right resources to help them stay focused on what's best for their children so they never put their child in the middle of their divorce.

Child Custody Coach® also provides self-help alternative dispute resolution information and resources to help parents settle their child custody disputes without litigation and traditional use of the court. When parents think of divorce with children, they often think of going to court to have a judge decide their parenting schedule (or custody and visitation plan). However, the majority of child custody cases are not settled by a judge but rather out-of-court through an alternative dispute resolution option such as mediation. Out-of-court solutions (such as mediation) can be more effective and far less costly than traditional courtroom litigation and allows parents to work out their own parenting plan agreement without having to go to court. Because most child custody matters are resolved out-of-court and not by a judge, it's important for parent's to know what resources are available and which options may best be suited for them. For example, many family courts provide free mediation services through a Family Court Facilitator or Family Court Clinic. Child Custody Coach® provides information and resources that encourages and helps divorcing parents communicate better as well as create successful parenting plans together. Coming to an agreement on a successful parenting plan (without a long-drawn out custody battle) that reflects what is truly in the overall best interest of your children is really what "winning child custody" is all about.

There are many types of professionals and agencies that may be involved in child custody matters (not just judges and lawyers). If you are going through a divorce or involved in a child custody matter you may be seeking help from a professional (or agency) but may not know what types of professionals are available to you. The following are some examples I have personal experience with:

* Family Law Attorney
* Collaborative Professional
* Mediators
* Family Law Facilitator
* Free Legal Assistance
* Bar Association
* Document Preparation Service
* Mental Health Professional
* Custody Evaluators (County and Private)
* Expert Witnesses
* Parenting Educator
* Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT)
* Child Play Therapist
* Forensic Psychologist
* Child Protective Services (CPS)
* Social Service Worker
* Divorce Mediator
* Divorce Coach
* Arbitrator
* Judge

There are also many topics or issues that may arise from divorce and child custody matters. I have experience and am familiar with the following child custody related matters:

* The Best Interest of Children
* Creating a Successful Parenting Plan
* Improving Parenting Skills and Techniques
* Breakthrough Parenting® Techniques
* Mediation Services
* Alternative Dispute Resolution Options
* Types of Child Custody
* Child Custody Laws
* Family Law Facilitator's Office
* No court Solutions
* Parenting Plans
* Child Custody and Visitation
* Attorney Billing Practices
* Attorney Misconduct
* Mandatory Fee Arbitration - Attorney Billing Ethics, Statutes and Rules, Business Professions Codes (BPC), Issues and Case Summaries, Advisories
* Parental Alienation
* False Abuse Accusations
* Domestic Violence
* Move-Away Cases and Relocations
* Unmarried Parents and Paternity Cases
* Stepparents
* Child Custody Evaluations
* Child Protective Services (CPS)
* Family Law Attorneys
* Pre-trial Discovery Methods (Order to Show Cause (OSC), Declarations and Depositions)
* Trial and Post-trial (Opening statements, Cross-Examinations, Stipulations and Judgment Orders)

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Welcome to the which represents the business Child Custody Coach® on the web. Known nationally as The Custody Coach®, author of "How to Win Child Custody" and founder of Child Custody Coach® in Orange County, California my goal is to provide informational, educational, and coaching services to help empower good parents nationwide faced with the challenges of divorce and child custody issues in the family court system. Through extensive training and personal experience (in child custody matters, custody evaluations, parental alienation, parenting skills/techniques, attorney fee arbitration and family court litigation) the unique coaching services and exclusive information I offer may prove to be the services and information you need.

As noted above, the mission of Child Custody Coach® is to help and encourage divorcing parents to become the best parents possible while always keeping focus on what is in the overall best interest of their child. This can result in a more peaceful outcome and winning parenting plan for the family and child. I wish I could say all parents in custody disputes have the best interest of their child in mind and act accordingly. However, that's simply not the case. No matter how much information and education is available, there will always be those parent's (typically dissatisfied with their break-up, separation or divorce) who are unable to set aside their own negative feelings and emotions towards the other parent resulting in a focus on their own desires (discouraging, marginalizing or bent on destroying the child's relationship with other parent) rather than doing what's best for child's (having a healthy relationship with both parents). Sadly, it only takes one uncooperative or misguided parent to cause a world of chaos, problems, added costs and conflict for the other parent, themself and their children. In the end, these parents are typically not more satisfied and their children often wind up with extra life challenges as a result. These cases often include high-conflict, lack of cooperation, parental alienation, interfering with custody exchanges, manipulation, false allegations, involving CPs without good cause, discouraging a parental relationship, playing off a child's wishes, heavy court involvement and the list sadly goes on and on. While you cannot change the behavior of another you can change your response, your outlook, and how you proceed with your situation. The key will be education and information and how it is applied.

I am a Certified Parenting Instructor and was trained in West Los Angeles, California, personally under Jayne A. Major, Ph.D., an internationally recognized expert on parent education and published author on advanced parenting techniques. I have the training and have met all the requirements to become recognized as a Certified Breakthrough Parenting® Instructor (CBPI). I have also received my certificate for completing the Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP®) course by Don Dinkmeyer, Sr., Ph.D., Gary D. McKay, Ph.D., and Don Dinkmeyer, Jr., Ph.D. Below I list some of my training, education, and experience that I have gained which has helped me assist other parents all across the country with child custody related matters.

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Although I have consulted with numerous family law attorneys, Certified Family Law Specialists (CFLS), child custody experts, divorce and child custody professionals, the following are but examples of some of the unique training and education I have gained, which has helped me successfully coach others through the child custody process. I have found in each listed below, invaluable information, skills and/or techniques that can help others manage and succeed in child custody matters in the family court and legal system today.

Child Custody & Custody Evaluations
  • Coaching on Complex Custody Issues.  Coached and consulted with Certified Family Law Specialist (CFLS) in Orange County, California on complex custody related issues.
  • Coaching on Child Custody and Custody Evaluations.  Coached and consulted with respected family law attorney and Judge Pro Tem in Orange County, California on custody related issues.
  • Coaching on Parental Alienation.  Received coaching from custody evaluator, expert witness, divorce coach, published author and speaker on parental alienation.
  • Child Custody Training.  Specialized and detailed training on custody topics, strategies, parenting issues from a nationally recognized child custody expert.
  • 730 Child Custody Evaluation Training. Specialized and detailed training on custody evaluations from nationally recognized child custody expert and a child custody evaluator.
  • Combating Parental Alienation. Received coaching from a nationally known play therapist, published author, on matters pertaining to parental alienation.
Parenting Skills & Techniques
  • Certified Parenting Instructor. Trained in Advanced Parenting Techniques to become recognized as a Certified Breakthrough Parenting® Instructor (CBPI) under Jayne A. Major, Ph.D.
  • Don Dinkmeyer, Sr., Ph.D. Gary D. McKay, Ph.D., and Don Dinkmeyer, Jr., Ph.D.. Certificate for Completion of Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP®)
  • Jim Fay and Foster W. Cline, M.D., Avoiding Power Struggles With Kids
    Jim Fay and Foster W. Cline, M.D. are the originators of Love and Logic parenting
  • John Rosemond, Six-Point Plan for Raising Happy, Healthy Children
    John Rosemond is a family psychologist, published author: Parent Power and A Family of Value
  • Coaching on Child Play Therapy.  Received coaching from nationally recognized play therapist, published author and speaker.
Mandatory Fee Arbitration, Attorney Billing Disputes, & Ethics
  • Coaching on Mandatory Fee Arbitration and Billing Disputes.  Consulted and received coaching from Gerald F. Phillips, Of Counsel, Phillips, Lerner & Lauzon, speaker, adjunct professor of law at Pepperdine University School of Law, and member of the Los Angeles Bar Association's Professional Responsibility & Ethics Committee, on mandatory fee arbitration, attorney conduct, and attorney billing practices.
  • Coaching on Mandatory Fee Arbitration.  Consulted and received coaching from family law attorney, divorce mediator, trained fee arbitrator. Used Arbitrator Handbook (2002) provided by the Mandatory Fee Arbitration Department, The State Bar of California as basis for coaching.
  • Ethics & Bio Ethics Training.  Intensive Ethics & Bio Ethics Training. Only a limited number of attendees permitted and trained at a cost of more than $4 million dollars; presentations by well-known ethics consultant, professor, and public speaker.
Communication Skills, Techniques, & Presentation
  • Dale Carnegie. Dale Carnegie Methods®,  Dale Carnegie Systems®, and Dale Carnegie Techniques®
  • Dale Carnegie. How to Win Friends & Influence People®
  • Dale Carnegie. How to Stop Worry & Start Living®
  • Stephen L. Covey. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®
  • Toastmasters International.  Club member; Long Beach, CA
  • Certificate in Interpersonal Communications. Certificate for Completion of Special Training on Interpersonal Communication Skills & Techniques
Technical & Research
  • B.S. Computer Science.  Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. Graduate from California State University Long Beach (CSULB), honors awards and Golden Key International Honor Society recognized.

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From my experience a general awareness, knowledge, and understanding throughout the child custody process and having knowledge of the mind set of each individual involved in one's case is critical and can in fact help contribute to the success or failure of one’s child custody case in the family court and judicial system.  Not only do I feel that it is important to be informed and educated, I believe that it is imperative that one put into practice or apply the information. This takes commitment, planning, and varying degrees of work. However, dedicated and well intentioned parents will put forth the extra time and energy as they know their children are well worth the extra effort!

As Dale Carnegie stated, "Information is not power until it is applied."   My services are designed to help one manage in the family court and judicial system when faced with the challenge of child custody litigation. My coaching services are an "action" service as well as an informational and educational service. I strive to not only help one arrive at an understanding, but also help one apply the information. My desire is to help empower my clients by providing them with information so that they can make educated decisions, streamline their goals, and utilize their resources efficiently and effectively. From my experience attorneys often seek total control and often do not have the time or desire to educate their clients. In addition, attorneys are often busy working on several other cases and the time needed to educate each client would be cost burdensome and time consuming.

If you have a case pending or see yourself headed down the path of litigation or a child custody evaluation, feel free to contact me. You can contact me directly by sending me an e-mail below. Look forward to speaking and working with you.

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Steven Carlson, The Custody Coach®
Child Custody Coach
Orange County, California
Author: How to Win Child Custody - Proven Strategies the can Win You Custody and Save You Thousands in Attorney Costs!
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