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Child Support Calculate California

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Money paid by parents in a periodical manner in order to support the living and medical expenses of their child is referred to as child support. Calculations involving child support are very complex in California. These calculations generally involve intricate algebraic formulas where several factors are taken into consideration. These include the income of the parents, tax deductions and the time the parent spends with the child. Generally, these calculations are taken into consideration whenever there is any trial involving determining support for a minor child.

Generally these calculations are implemented due to two important reasons. The foremost reason is to determine the best possible amount that can be provided for the support of the child. Another reason is to maintain uniformity towards both the parents while calculating the amount. There are various guidelines and principals that are followed by judges while determining child support. According to these principals, a minor child is the primary obligation of both the parents and they are equally responsible for his support. The court must take a decision in the best interests of the child. The child must get an adequate amount as child support that can suffice his living and medical expenses and allow him a decent enough standard of living.

While calculating the support, various criteria are taken into account. Apart from the financial status of the parents and the time they spend with the child, factors such as payroll deduction, mortgage loan payments and the child costs incurred by each parent are also included in the calculations.

Sometimes, there are certain deviations from the amount determined through calculations. These include cases where a parent has an exceptionally high income or the child requires high amount to cover medical costs. Apart from this, sometimes courts can order parents to pay certain additional amounts such as mandatory add-ons along with the child support.

Due to the complexity involved in these calculations, computer software programs such as Dissomaster have been developed.

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