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Criminal Record Child Custody

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Currently, around 1.5 million children have parents who have criminal backgrounds and are spending their time in prison. There are around 10 million children in the US whose parents have been convicted and imprisoned at some point. Once released from prison, these parents can major challenges pertaining to family life, which includes reuniting with their family or obtaining child custody or visitation rights with a criminal record..

There are several law firms in the US that represent the rights of individuals who have been imprisoned. Many of these law agencies indicate, parents who have been convicted of a crime often believe that they will not be able to seek custody of their children. However, that may or may not be true. If the parent has not been convicted in a separate category of crimes, he may have equal right to retain the custody of the child.

When a parent is imprisoned or released from prison, he/she should consider consulting an attorney to learn what his/her options are regarding child custody and support orders. Often, parents fail to understand that although their income has stopped due to imprisonment, their child support obligations may have to be fulfilled. Many parents who get released from prison, and do not have custody of their child, fail to get their child support orders modified. In some cases where these orders are not modified, a serious problem regarding child support arrearages may arise. To avoid possible penalties such as government sanctions and a reduction in wages, if employed, you would be wise to consult an attorney to find out where you stand legally on your particular matter. For example, once released from prison, you would do well to consult an attorney in your jurisdiction to learn if filing a petition to modify child custody and support is in your best interest.

When a parent applies for a child custody modification, the details regarding his/her criminal record and his/her current employment may be exposed through discovery to determine background information. Any parent who has a history of child abuse or child endangerment will likely be faced with limitations with respect to their rights to child custody and visitation

If you are struggling with a criminal record and child custody you would do well to know your rights by consulting an attorney in your jurisdiction to help you learn where you stand legally and learn what your legal options are.

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