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Divorce Doctrines in Christian Denominations

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According to Christianity, marriage is a decision taken by God to unite a man and a woman for their entire life in a relationship. Lord Jesus himself described marriage as a completion of his creation of a man and a woman. In passages from Genesis (1:27, 2:7-25), Christ explained that marriage is a sacred, intimate and a real relationship where a man and a woman unite into one soul. All the major Christian groups such as Baptists, Catholics, Protestants and Lutherans have a similar ideology regarding marriage. But issues such as divorce have always conflicted with the doctrinal beliefs of these groups and are always considered inappropriate.

In case of eastern orthodox churches, divorce is always discouraged. But there is an exception to this principle. In these groups, divorce is permitted on the grounds of mercy, where the church believes that there is no longer any relation between the man and the woman. In case of conservative Protestants, divorce is not permissible except in cases involving infidelity and physical harm. But Liberal Protestants have an exactly contradictory view point. Due to their more liberal approach towards Christianity, divorce is quite common among people of this group. Although, they have a compassionate behavior towards divorce issues, Liberal Protestants applying for divorce are not considered as people committing a sin.

As per the doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, marriages and divorce are permitted only inside the Church. According to them, cancellation of sealing or temple divorce is granted by the highest authority of the Church only in exceptional situations. Civil Divorce or divorce outside the temple is not permitted among this group. Even the New Church or Swedenborgianism group has a similar view. They consider marriage as sacred and divorce is only permitted in cases of infidelity or when the church believes that the eternal bond does not exist any longer in the relationship.

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