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Divorce from Internet Use

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In the 21st century, with the latest technological advancements, computers have become an integral part of everyday life. Apart from the enormous benefits with the use of computers and internet, there are several pitfalls and dangers that are associated with them.

One of the many reasons for an increased rate of divorce among married couples has been the addiction to internet use. Millions of people around the world are dependant on the internet for their daily tasks. But when it becomes an addiction for certain people, the internet can be a harmful tool. Due to the abnormal consequences of getting obsessed with online games, chat rooms and cyber sexual relationships, many families are facing the danger of divorce from internet use. Reports have indicated that people who have resorted to finding online sexual partners are at a greater risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. These people often undergo severe depression due to online addiction with the risk of losing their mental stability.

In situations when a divorce case is under trial, internet usage can be a handy tool for the opponent searching for information and resources. Computers and the internet should be sparsely used during this period. Unabated browsing and downloading information regarding divorce, child custody and law firms can sometimes prove deleterious for the trial. Access to the personal computer or email account can cause leakage of important communication and confidential information to the spouse that can work against the petitioner during the case. Hence, one should be very careful while surfing on the internet or reading online emails. Every company has a central server facility where any unread or undeleted email of every employer is saved as a backup copy. This information can be traced back upon request. Hence, care must be taken to delete any such email completely. One should also avoid entering online chat rooms.

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