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Divorce Group Activities

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Divorce is an extremely emotionally stressful experience. Apart from getting separated from the spouse, another possible loss due to divorce is of friends and extended family. During this lonely period, making friends who can understand a divorcee’s feeling is a difficult job. During these situations only divorce support groups come to the rescue.

Divorce support groups consist of a network of people who can provide a helping hand to each other and comprise of people who have been through or are going through a divorce. There are separate divorce groups for children and adults. Even in children, depending on the age, the support groups vary. For adults, the groups include women support groups, men’s divorce support groups, step-parent support groups, blended family support groups and adult children divorce support groups.

Every group in this network consists of a maximum six members. Each group consists of a leader who is a professional counselor. Every member of this group has the experience of going through the phase of divorce and can understand the suffering of the others in a better way. These members gather to share the pain and sorrow. The main objective of these groups is to support and educate individuals or families so that they can have a smooth divorce transition.

These divorce groups can offer various activities. In large monthly meetings, members can have a “bagged lunch”. Groups can arrange for a guest speaker or have discussion in groups on 3 or 4 topics. Some of the members can even arrange a community service. In case of weekly or bi-weekly meetings, members can opt for activities such as baby sitting, having a meal-exchange, having informal discussions while meeting for a cup of coffee, orientation program for new members and family games at night. Annual activities can range from going on a group holiday picnic, going out for a dinner, movie, zoo or a planetarium with the kids, a family craft night where parents can help their kids make different exhibits, fund raising campaigns for needy people, or arranging sports competitions and conducting quiz and debating contests.

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