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Documentation in Child Custody Cases

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One of the worst consequences of having a divorce is going through the child custody trial. In situations where parents cannot reach an agreement regarding the custody of their children, Court of Justice has to intervene to settle the dispute. Nowadays, most of the courts have been awarding the child custody rights to that parent under whom the court feels that the best interests of the child can be secured. It is no longer a prerogative of the mother to have the child custody.

According to several experts, the best means to win a child custody trial is to provide documentation that can prove oneís parental capabilities. One needs to prove before the court and convince the judge that he can provide the child with the best environment suitable for a proper growth and development of the child. During these cases, every minute detail such as parenting skills and the daily interactions of the parent with the child would be carefully scrutinized before making any decision. Hence, one has to keep a detailed record of documents that can testify the parentís caring nature and also the deficiencies of the spouse towards the child. Some of the records that can confirm the ugly behavior of spouse include domestic violence and negligence towards the child, inability to spend time with child due to workload and abusive form of parenting.

There are quite a number of ways that can validate a better behavior of the parent. These include accompanying the child in all the school activities such as parent-teacher meetings or school functions, level of involvement in the childís daily activities, taking care of the childís regular health checkups, getting the child involved in family and church activities and going out on a vacation and spending quality time with the child. The most important prerequisite is to keep a proper record of all these activities and have a witness who can testify the behavior.

If you are struggling with issues related to documentation in child custody case or child custody battles you would do well to consult an attorney in your jurisdiction to help you learn where you stand legally on this matter and learn about your legal rights and options are.

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