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What is a Family Law Facilitator?
Many family courts have a family law attorney or family law facilitator office (also called the family court clinic) which can provide you with free assistnace on your family law issues. These attorneys are often called "family law facilitators." Many family law facilitator offices staff both attorneys and paralegals to help you with your family law issues.

How Can a Family Law Facilitator Help Me?
The services provided by each family law facilitator office can vary. In some areas the family law facilitator can show you how to fill out court forms, help you with your dissolution or divorce or child custody issues while others do not. Some areas limit the family law facilitator services to child support issues, spousal support issues and long drawn out health insurance cases. In some areas a family law facilitator can meet with you individually and provide you information and options without giving you "legal advice."

What Family Law Facilitators Don't Do
A family law facilitator cannot be your family attorney. Also, a family law facilitator does not provide you with legal advice. You'll need to hire your own attorney for specific legal advice and strategy for your case. Therefore, there is no attorney-client relationship between you and the family law facilitator. The family law facilitator is available to the public and can equally help you and the other party. Your communication with the family law facilitator may not be private or confidential. If that's the case, if the family law facilitator is subpoenaed to court there would be no attorney-client privilege that would protect your conversation and make it confidential.

For local family law facilitator rules and information you would do well to consult your local family law facilitator office.

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