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Filing for Child Custody

How to File a Child Custody Form

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Divorcing parents with children are often seeking information about filing for child custody. While many courts provide free online custody forms and information packets on filing for child custody or how to file a child custody form, there are some important things you should consider before you file the child custody papers.

Before filing for child custody you would do well to put together a chronology of events leading up to the custody dispute. A timeline of all significant events will also be helpful. Additionally, before completing a child custody form and filing for child custody you would be wise to have thought through the following child custody questions:

  1. What is the reason that you are filing for chid custody?
  2. What parenting arrangement will you request when you file for child custody?
  3. Will you be seeking sole physical custody or joint physical custody?
  4. Will you be requesting sole legal custody or joint legal custody?
  5. How will the parenting plan you request when filing for child custody be best for your children?

Rather than filing for child custody in the family court and involving child custody attorneys and the family court, or a judge who will ultimately decide where your children will live, you may want to consider attempting to work out the custody dispute through an out-of-court alternative dispute resolution option made available in your area such as child custody mediation. Often mediation is provided free of charge through your family courts family law facilitator or family court services office. You may want to inquire with your local family court to see if mediation is mandatory before filing for child custody or provided as an option for parents involved in a custody dispute. If you are seeking help with filing for child custody such as how to obtain a child custody form, how to prepare a child custody form, or where to properly file your completed custody forms you'd do well to consult with a local family law attorney. Many attorneys provide free initial consultations in which you may be able to get many of your questions answered related to filing for child custody.

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