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Free California Child Support Calculator

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Free California Child Support Calculator
Need a free California child support calculator to estimate your child support payment? There are many child support calculator for free available on the Internet -- The California Department of Child Support Services website for example contains a child support payment calculator. The formula for estimating the amount of child support is based on California child support guildelines. To go directly to the free child support calculator click here.

Child Support Payment Calculation
Some of the factors the free child support calculator considers is the number of dependents, the percentage of time the child lives with each parent, itemized deductions or standard deductions when parents are married and filing separately, tax filing status of each parent, income of each parent, any public assistance received, current child support or spousal support obligations, new-spouse income, property taxes and mortgage interest, health insurance dues, state or low income or itemized deduction adjustments, any hardship deductions.

Help with Child Support Calculator Guidelines and Fields
Some of the fields in the free California child support calculator may be difficult for the lay person to complete as it may take an understanding of California Family Law and California Income Tax and Federal Income Tax laws. For assistance in filling out fields to help in estimating your child support payment you'd do well to consult with a family law attorney or child lawyer or contact the family law faciliator in your county.

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