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Los Angeles Superior Court Civil Case Summary

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Baywatch star David Hasselhoff’s divorce trial has been one of the most incredible and dramatic one in the recent times. 58 year old Hasselhoff and his 42 year old actress wife Pamela Bach were happily married for 16 years. This couple had filed a petition for divorce in the Los Angeles Superior Court in January, 2006. The summary of the petition is available on the court’s website.

Within a month of filing for a divorce, Pamela Bach filed another petition in the Los Angeles Superior Court accusing her husband of physical abuse and domestic violence. Upon preliminary hearing on the petition, the court ordered both to stay away from each other. Pamela Bach even requested the court to issue a temporary restraining order against Hasselhoff. In her allegations Bach has mentioned that David broke her nose and has even resorted to verbal abuse several times.

In reply to these accusations, David requested the court to order his wife to undergo a complete drug rehabilitation program. He accused Bach of having a drug problem and suggested she get medical and psychiatric help.

While filing individual documents for divorce, David Hasselhoff and Pamela Bach cited irreparable differences between them as the prime cause for getting separated. The celebrity couple has two teenage daughters. The court has granted the custody of one daughter to Pamela Bach while the custody of other daughter was awarded to Hasselhoff. Pertaining to the hearing of domestic violence case, the court has ordered to seal the documents in order to protect the privacy of the children.

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