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More Fathers are Getting Custody

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According to the report from the US Census Bureau, the right for child custody is no longer vested with mothers. With the rise in the number of marriages culminating in divorce, there has been a significant increase in the number of single fathers. Currently there are around 2.3 single fathers in the US. The percentage of fathers to whom complete custody of the child has been awarded has increased by 15 percent compared to 1995. Today, more fathers are ready to take up the responsibility of their child at the time of divorce.

According to Geoffrey Grief, Dean at the University Of Maryland School Of Social Work, since children may prefer to be with the father, more fathers are getting custody or are being awarded with child custody. Fighting a legal battle over the custody issue is rare. In many of the cases, fathers are taking up the responsibility upon mutual agreement. There are situations where the father is proving to be a better parent while providing a better and financially secure environment. Sometimes, mothers are not interested in taking up the responsibility of their children and would prefer to pursue their career. Even in such situations, more fathers are getting custody and the courts are handing over custody of the child to the father.

According to Grief, the most challenging part of parenting in a divorce situation is to make children have a smooth transition from a two-parent household to a single-parent household. Many fathers believe that being a single dad is an entirely different experience. Fathers must present an emotionally stable and secure environment for the children. Any type of unpredictable behavior from the father can increase the stress on the child making the transition difficult.

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