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Status Only Divorce Refinancing Real Property California

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Status only divorce is granted by the court in situations where one of the parents wants to remarry. In this situation only the issue of marital status of the parents would be resolved, but all the other matters such as child custody and visitation may continue. While taking divorce, it is always important to clarify issues pertaining to mortgage loans and credit payments. It is generally best to ensure that only the partner who has the obligation to make the loan payments is the one who ends up paying. Any delayed loan payments by one parent can greatly affect the credit report of the other. This is because creditors are not concerned about the way the loan is repaid. Creditors are interested in getting their money back.

There are various solutions for protecting ones credit rating at the time of divorce. One of the ideal ways to satisfy a debt at the time of divorce is to get the property refinanced. Generally, when a couple gets divorced and their jointly held property is transferred to one of the parties, refinancing the house is the only way by which the spouse can be let off from mortgage obligations. In this situation, the loans and mortgage payments may be refinanced by the party who is willing to retain the rights on the asset as a part of property settlement. The refinancing of the debt can be equal to the amount required to satisfy old joint debt and to buy-out any other potential asset that the other party has in his custody. Sometimes, this refinanced amount can also be equal to a much larger property settlement.

Regarding transferring property, there are certain tax benefits for the person who is transferring it. But, for the person who is refinancing the property, the deal would be beneficial only in the long run.

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