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Win Child Custody

How to Win Child Custody E-Book - By The Custody Coach
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Are you searching for information and tips on how to win child custody? You'd do well to download How to Win Child Custody by Child Custody Coach®. How to Win Child Custody is an E-Book information and strategy guide that provides exclusive child custody information and tips to assist you with your child custody case and child custody issues. How to Win Child Custody can help you overcome the learning curve that can cost you a fortune -- and even your children. How to Win Child Custody is relevant and helpful to parents seeking out-of-court settlments and those who are faced with a contested child custody case that may involve family court litigation or a child custody evaluation.

What does it mean to "win child custody?" For some, to win child custody means the other parent has little or no contact with the children. This is clearly not a child centered approach and focus is clearly not on what is in the best interest of the children. Unfortunately, many divorcing parents seek to win child custody as a means of control and to simply reduce the other parents contact with the children to hurt them because they feel wronged by the separation or divorce. These parents let their negative feelings towards the other parent guide their decisions and desires for child custody. These parents believe what's best for them is automatically best for the children. Again, focus is not on the children's feelings or needs but the parent who wants to "win child custody."

For other parents, to "win child custody" means the parents came to a child custody arrangement out-of-court on their own or with the help of an alternative dispute resolution model that reflects the overall best interest of the children. These parents win child custody by avoiding the high cost of litigation and attorney fees while keeping their children shielded from the damage and negative effects the family court process often has on children. Putting children through interviews and child custody evaluations often causes more harm than good for children caught in the middle of a divorce. In a best case scenario, to win child custody would mean the parents came to a child custody agreement out-of-court which reflects the best interest of the children. These parents win child custody by coming to a child custody agreement on their own or through mediation or another alternative dispute resolution model.

Unfortunately, not all child custody cases can be settled out-of-court. For these parents involved in a contested child custody dispute they must be informed and prepared in order to achieve a winning custody arrangement. In order to win child custody these parents need to focus on the children needs -- not their own. Additionally, focus should be on facts, documentation, and self-improvement rather than denigrating the other parent. The overall best interest of the children is the standard the court and judges use for child custody awards and child custody determinations. Family courts and judges typically agree that the best parent is both parents absent drugs, abuse or violence. There are many factors the court will consider in deciding child custody and visitation. How to Win Child Custody will help you become better informed and more prepared for your child custody case in the event you are unable to reach a child custody agreement out-of-court.

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