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Child Custody Rights

Married and Unmarried Fathers and Mothers Custody Rights

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Are you looking for information about child custody rights? When you know what your child custody rights are it can help you make more informed choices if you are involved in a child custody battle. Choosing the right course of action for your situation is critical at every step in a divorce process that involves children. However, state laws and statutes regarding custody rights related to custody and visitation decisions and modifications can vary from state to state and may be different for mothers and fathers and married verses unmarried parents.

It is important for mothers and fathers involved in a child custody dispute to know what their child custody rights are if they were married and if they were not married. Mother's rights and dad's rights when married are often different than that of married parents. Married parents typically have equal parenting rights and share guardianship over their children, and upon separation, have an equal right to child custody. Unmarried parents rights may be different since they may not be afforded the benefit of having these presumed custody rights. This may depend on specific state child custody laws and statutes.

While unmarried parents can petition the court for the same types of child custody arrangements as divorced parents, unwed fathers are often faced with an additional challenge. An unmarried father may not be presumed to have the right to custody of his child or be able to get custody and visitation rights until he establishes paternity. After paternity is established, dad can gain custody and visitation rights and child support can be awarded and set according to state law child support guidelines.

Whether married or unmarried, it is important for moms and dads to be informed of their custody and visitation rights. For information, tips and strategies for mothers and fathers involved in a custody dispute or faced with child custody right issues the "How to Win Child Custody" E-Book by Steven Carlson, Child Custody Coach® is a must-have resource and an invaluable child custody tool. To download it now with a 100% satisfaction guarantee click here. If you are seeking additional child custody help or one-on-one coaching, click here to schedule a phone or in-person meeting with Steve to discuss in detail your specific situation.

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